Areas of practice

Administrative Law

Legal assistance for all types of administrative procedures, GDPR consultations and public procurement

Property Law

Consultations on all types of transactions with movables and real estate

Tax law

Tax consultations and representation on appeal of Bulgarian Tax code acts

Insurance law

Representation before underwriters on all kinds of insurances

Contract law and commercial transactions

Consultation, negotiation, and drafting of all kinds of contracts

International private law

Assistance in case of a delayed or canceled flight; Consultations on international affairs

Consumer rights

Consultations with traders; protection of consumer rights against merchants and the Commission for Consumer Protection.

Family and succession law

Assistance in cases of divorce, parental relationship; Consultations on matters of inheritance

Commercial Law

Establishment, modification, liquidation and insolvency of commercial companies.



Consultations and legal representation of consumers of insurance services, insurance companies, insurance agents or insurance intermediaries.


Every young business needs an advice

International trade and investment

Business-oriented advice complying with all rules of domestic and international law

Information Technology

The great competition in the sector requires well-prepared protection against all risks

Real estate and construction

One of the fastest growing sectors in the Bulgarian economy


We are extremely pleased with the help we receive from GDF Ltd. They respond quickly to any of our requests for consultation. In the relations with our company they are correct, reliable and most importantly – competent. They have developed the general conditions for our site and prepare our advertising contracts, as well as advise us on any other legal issues. It is a great pleasure to work with such professionals


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